Title Reference
  Cybersecurity Guidelines for IWTSD Projects Development Cybersecurity Guidelines for IWTSD Project Development.pdf
BAA Packages
  BAA 18S3001 FY2019 Unclassified 18S3001-FINAL.docx
  BAA 19S3011 FY2020 Unclassified 19S3011 2019-01-07.pdf
  BAA 20S3060 FY2021 Unclassified 20S3060 FINAL Amendment 1 (ID 143697).pdf
  BAA 20S3098 FY2021 R000 Unclassified 20S3098 FINAL.pdf
  BAA 21S4370 FY2022 Unclassified 21S4370.pdf
  BAA 21S4405 FY2022 Unclassified 21S4405.pdf
  BAA 22S4385 FY2023 Unclassified 22S4385 final v2.pdf
  BAA 23S4432 FY2024 Unclassified 23S4432 final.pdf
  BAA 24S4008 FY2025 Unclassified 24S4008.pdf
  BAA 24S4035 FY2025 Out of Cycle 24S4035.pdf
BIDS Training
  Submitter QuickCard 2021_IWTSD-SUBQuickCard_INPROGRESS0308.pdf
Data Item Description (DID)
Hand Delivery Directions
  Process for Hand Delivery of Submissions Process to Hand Deliver submissions to BAA 20S3061.docx
Humans and Animals in Research
  DoD Instruction 3216.01 Animals in Testing DoDI 3216.01 Animals in Testing.pdf
  DoD Instruction 3216.02 Human Subjects Adherence 15APR2020DoDI321602DoDHumanSubjectResearchOversight.pdf
  Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) Form
  Information on the Use of Humans or Animals for DoD Research and Testing Submitter_HS_AT_Information.pps
  Title 32 CFR Part 219
  Title 9 CFR Part 1
  Title 9 CFR Part 2
  Title 9 CFR Part 3
  Title 9 CFR Part 4
Industry Day Presentations
  2024 Industry Day Briefs March 5 Industry Day Briefs.pdf
Intellectual Property
  Intellectual Property Information!620
Pre-Award Templates
  Automated Clearing House (ACH) Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form ACH Form.pdf
  Business Cost Checklist Business_Cost_Checklist.docx
  Cover Page Template (White Papers and Full Proposals) CoverPageTemplate.doc
  IWTSD Cost Proposal Template IWTSD Cost Proposal Template.xlsx
  IWTSD Technology Transition Handbook
  Quad Chart Sample (.pdf) 2024+Sample+QuadChart.pdf