Title Reference
BAA Packages
  BAA 20S3060 FY2021 Unclassified 20S3060 FINAL Amendment 1 (ID 143697).pdf
  BAA 20S3098 FY2021 R000 Unclassified 20S3098 FINAL.pdf
BIDS Training
  Submitter QuickCard 2020_CTTSO-SUBQuickCard_Draft V5_27 Feb 2020.pdf
Data Item Description (DID)
Humans and Animals in Research
  DoD Instruction 3216.01 Animals in Testing DoDI 3216.01 Animals in Testing.pdf
  DoD Instruction 3216.02 Human Subjects Adherence 15APR2020DoDI321602DoDHumanSubjectResearchOversight.pdf
  Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) Form
  Information on the Use of Humans or Animals for DoD Research and Testing Submitter_HS_AT_Information.pps
  Title 32 CFR Part 219
  Title 9 CFR Part 1
  Title 9 CFR Part 2
  Title 9 CFR Part 3
  Title 9 CFR Part 4
Industry Day Presentations
  2020 Industry Day Presentations 2020 Industry Day Briefs.pdf
Intellectual Property
  Intellectual Property Information!620
Pre-Award Templates
  Automated Clearing House (ACH) Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form ACH Form.pdf
  Business Cost Checklist Business_Cost_Checklist.docx
  Cover Page Template (White Papers and Full Proposals) CoverPageTemplate.doc
  CTTSO Cost Proposal Template CTTSO Cost Proposal Template.xlsx
  CTTSO Technology Transition Handbook 2019-10-10 Technology Transition Handbook.pdf
  Quad Chart Sample (.pdf) 2020+Sample+QuadChart.pdf